FOOD is just one of the many ingredients in determining the state of our health. Our overall well-being depends not only on the food choices we make daily but also on our EMOTIONS and daily stress.  It is equally important to recognize that our emotional and recurring habits play a role in the foods we choose to eat, how we eat them, and the impact this has on our overall health and happiness.

Our emotions are the driving force behind every action we take. We may or may not know exactly what we “should” be doing to get healthy, but the reason we are not doing it is because our emotions get in the way.

In achieving utmost health and happiness, we often become distracted by false claims such as “more exercise plus less food will result in weight loss”. However, a more long-term, healthier, and stable approach to reaching health and happiness can be achieved by simply altering our stress response. When we are constantly worrying about food, calories and exercise, we place ourselves in a place of constant stress. Constant stress decreases metabolic and digestive capability, increases cortisol and insulin, and causes the body to store fat and to lose muscle. By altering our stress response and our relationship with food from punishing to nourishing , we can achieve a healthy and long-term approach to becoming healthy and happy in our own lives. 

Whether you’re looking to reach a healthy weight, overcome a tricky relationship with food, or to find more inner health, I can meet you exactly where you are with customized one-on-one coaching that empowers you to achieve your healthiest, happiest, and most authentic self.